4 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Product

4 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Product

Perhaps you already know about affiliate marketing. If not, I’ll sum it up quick. Affiliate marketing is where you sell other people’s products as an affiliate and earn a commission on every sale. It’s as simple as that.

It’s one of the best ways to make money online because you don’t need your own product to get started. In this post, you’ll learn 4 ways to make money using affiliate marketing.

1. The Great Amazon Giant

You may not know that Amazon was the first online affiliate marketing platform. They are still one of the most influential platforms, and their “Amazon Associates” program is going strong.

You can easily create an Associates account and start selling anything from Amazon on your own website and earn a commission.

The commission is low because its physical products, however, Amazon is the most trusted e-commerce store online so just by promoting top products, you’re sure to make money.

2. Clickbank: The Digital Product Superstore

You can sell thousands of digital products through Clickbank. A digital product is anything from online tools to courses to membership sites. Anything that is delivered via a website or downloads is considered a ‘digital’ product.

Clickbank is one of the largest digital product markets. You can choose from every category under the sun. Promote products on fitness, relationships, photography, cooking and woodwork, among many more.

When you promote digital products, your commission is way higher than promoting physical products through Amazon Associates. You are likely to earn affiliate commissions of 40-70% on Clickbank, so you can make a lot of money promoting products from this marketplace. Check out Clickbank Pros where you can create a page like this HERE

3. Build A Blog

Content is king, and blogging is its throne. By building a blog you are creating a foundation for all of your content marketing. When you promote Amazon products or ClickBank products, it’s best to offer it within helpful content.

People find your helpful content, click on your affiliate links, and you’ll make money from every sale you get. You can use this content as a base for all your social media content and leverage it for future content as well. Check out the Wealthy Affiliate where they show you how to build a profitable blog.

4. Grow An Email List

If you want take full ownership of your affiliate marketing money-making machine, you’ll want to start building an email list. if you have a blog, then this is a logical next step. You can offer a free download or newsletter so people can sign up to your email list.

When you build an email list, you control the traffic. You can turn it on like a tap, just by sending a quick email or two. You can use the same email list to send as many affiliate offers as you want. If some people don’t buy one offer, you still have them on your list and they may buy in the future.

You can combine these 4 steps to dominate the affiliate marketing world. Your blog is a home for your content, where you can promote both physical and digital products. You can use your website to build an email list which you can promote even more products to, and your business will take off.

Keep this up over time, and you would have done the impossible. You will make a serious income without ever having your own product.

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To your success,

Sharita Stovall