Impact Mailing Club Review -Is It A Scam




Impact Mailing Club Review – A Legit Way to Make Money?

Are you looking for an honest Impact Mailing Club review that can help you make the right decision? You have landed just on the right page. The Internet is full of many online and offline schemes that promise people a quick cash-making opportunity.

But since you cannot trust everything you consume on the online space, you should be extra conscious when something involves money. Today, we are going to discuss one such apparent business opportunity and figure out if making $500 to $1000 by posting postcards and letters even makes any sense.

Yes, we are going to address the Impact Mailing Club and help you understand it inside and out. So, without wasting a moment, let’s get started!

What is Impact Mailing Club?

To put it in simple words, the members of the Impact Mailing Club make money by earning commissions in return for successfully referring people to the club’s membership program, by mailing letters and postcards to them.

Impact Mailing Club is a direct mail program. Direct Mail has been around for many years and people have been making a full time income from home sending flyers to home based business leads.

Impact Mailing Club has gained a lot of attention and reach on social media like Facebook and YouTube. The affiliates really have made a lot of money through the club and believe in the simplicity of this money-making scheme.

If you are a part of the program, you will have to print  letters and postcards and invest in resources like envelopes, printers and toners, pay the postal service, and then wait for the money to come back.  This is basically all you need to invest in for your business to get started.

Impact Mailing Club also sells targeted home based business leads that you can use for any homebased business that you are involved in.

On visiting the Impact Mailing Club’s website at this moment, you should be able to find many comprehensive tutorial videos and testimonials that will help you understand what the business is all about and how people are making the most of this opportunity.


How Does Impact Mailing Club Function?

The Impact Mailing Club works in quite a few simple ways:

  1. First, you buy the club’s membership and the commissions you will earn will depend on the level that you are at the moment.
  2. When you sign up for the club, you will receive the cover letter, stamps, and leads. You will use these to send direct mail to all the people you can.
  3. When you are able to successfully refer someone to buy into the program, you will earn your commissions.
  4. The people you have just signed up will now carry on the same process.

You will also earn commissions when the people you have signed up successfully sign up other people. There is no product being sold. Just money getting transferred from one hand to another. It is a great system that functions  when the members of the club successfully recruit people under them.

Impact Mailing Club Products Review and Compensation

Here are the following levels that members will be subject to.

  1. Emerald Level
  2. Ruby Level
  3. Sapphire Level
  4. Diamond Level
  5. Double Diamond Level

The compensations and commissions with each level work the following ways:

  1. Emerald Level: $100, you will receive $65 commissions + $20 on 2nd level, $15 admin fee
  2. Ruby Level: $250,­ you will receive $150 commissions + $50 on 2nd level.  $50 admin fee
  3. Sapphire Level: $500,­ you will receive $300 commissions + $100 on 2nd level.  $100 admin fee
  4. Diamond Level: $2000,­ you will receive $1,000 commissions + $500 on 2nd level. $500 admin fee
  5. Double Diamond Level: $4000, you will receive $2,000 commissions + $1000 on 2nd level. $1000 admin fee (added January 2020)

Once you get started, it can snowball into residual monthly commissions just from referring one person that duplicates the process. You can be receiving cash on a daily basis in your mailbox.

Conclusion on Impact Mailing Club Review

The Impact Mailing Club is a business that works because of its simplicity. People are making huge returns using the system and we highly recommend you to try it out for yourself. This multi-level marketing opportunity works exactly how it should and therefore, one should not have zero doubt on its success.


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