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In this post I will be discussing my go to Online Marketing System that is beginner friendly and easy to use. This Marketing System has three systems in one, and you can pick which one suits you for the level of income you are trying to make. The name of the system is called Lead Lightning/ Power Lead system.





What Is The Lead Lightning/Power Lead System?

The Lead Lightning/Power Lead System is a lead generation marketing system that has the ability to create unlimited lead capture pages, higher ticket upsales, and a pre-loaded autoresponder for your contacts. I would suggest this system for beginning and veteran online marketers. There are three levels to this membership website. Many people get confused about the system because there is the free lead system, lead lightning, and ultimately the Power Lead System (recommended).

Free Lead System

The Free Lead System is something that you can sign up for free and it is a way to generate a list giving away the free system to others. It includes a lead capture page (not editable), and automated autoresponder. You also have the ability to promote any other business that you are affiliated with along with the free lead system. There is also a little training to help you get started with promoting your link. With this system, you pass up every other referral to your sponsor, but whoever you refer end up passing you every other lead they bring in. Most people advertise this part of the marketing system to get people in the door. I found that most people that join at this level get the system and do nothing with it because they don’t know the value of building a list. Most times people who get free things don’t pay attention to the product.

You can still check the product out here 

(you must opt in to get it because its free)

Lead Lightning


Lead Lightning is the second product within the system and it costs $7 one time fee. With this product, you get unlimited $6 commissions from each referral and you keep all your referrals. You get everything in the free system but a little more training and resources. You get done for you sales funnels and the ability to get more info on your referrals and tracking.

Check out Lead Lightning here

Power Lead System

The Power Lead System is the ultimate money maker inside this system. This is considered the gold level, it is $53.97 per month and includes everything from the free lead system but also has way more training and resources. You have the ability to integrate other email autoresponders like Aweber or Get Response. You can create unlimited capture pages with the ability to share funnels with your downline. You get a $20 recurring commission on each referral. There is also three higher ticket upsales within the Power Lead System that gives you the opportunity to make up to $1500 per referral. This part of the system can be a full time income alone along with promoting any other business you are affiliated with enabling you to grow your businesses.

Check out Power Lead System here

Is It Worth Joining?

Yes. I would recommend that you join. I would highly recommend that you join at the gold level. This is how you can maximize your profits and scale quickly. But, if you are a beginner, and want to see what it is all about, join at the free level or lead lightning level, and work your way up. Either way, this is a great system that you can use for years to come for all of your businesses.

Like always, to your success,

Sharita Stovall

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