What Is Devant Travel?

What Is Devant Travel? Devant Travels Review

Launched in March 2018, the Devant Travel opportunity was an idea created by CEO and founder Stephen Thomas who had the goal of creating a simple copy and paste system to help others make money online from home. Best described as an “income opportunity”, Devant Travel is simply a training platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to succeed in online business. However, as a result of joining the training platform, you receive vacation getaways and discounts on hotels, travel, dining and entertainment not available to the general public. Devant Travels is not a travel agency. They are not travel agents. However, they have access to incentives not available to the general public to give away. They do not charge for the vacation getaways. We are called Devant Travel due to the fact that individuals receive vacation benefits and incentives upon joining our training platform.

Devant Travels is a traveling discount membership platform that is designed to help entrepreneurs grow an online business and gives away vacation getaways. Who doesn’t like discounts, especially on travel. Not only do they have discounts on travel, they have discounts on sporting events, rental cars, hotels, restaurants, and everyday shopping websites. You can use Devant Travels for your own personal use, or it can be used to build an income online.

Let me explain….

Devant Travels Review

3500+ Vacation Getaway Locations To Choose From.

20-70% Off Hotels, Travel, Dining & Entertainment

FREE Medical Discount Card To Help You Save Up To 75% Off Of Your Prescription Medications.

This is in addition to a $300 savings card on hotels, and a $200 restaurant voucher.

For a one time $47 fee, you have lifetime access to a savings platform called Tickets At Work.

This platform is not available to the general public, you can only get access through a benefit code. This platform has discounts on hotels, theme parks and attractions, movie tickets, concerts and shows, ski resorts, rental cars, gift cards, and shopping deals.

Whether you want to resell the platform or not, you can still use the platform for the discounts.

Is Devant Travel a Business?

Yes. You can resell the platform and get 100% commissions. You sell the platform to one person, and you recoup your investment. The vacation getaways is just a bonus for purchasing the product. You receive two vacations per month. If you don’t have a website to promote the opportunity, You can pay another $20 and get a replicated website for you to promote. It looks like this:

On this website they have all the information about Devant travels, the benefits you receive and any other details that you need to know about the opportunity.

Devant Travel Training and Support

Once you sign up for Devant Travels, your sponsor will send you a training platform link. Through this link, you can request your vacation getaways and other incentives. There is also training to help you promote Devant Travels as a business. You can have daily commissions coming in with no recurring monthly fees.


Q: Is this opportunity only available in the U.S.?

The money making aspect Devant Travel can be joined by who has a Paypal account regardless of what country they reside in. However, in order to take advantage of the vacation getaways and other incentives, they must be residents of the U.S. or Canada.

Q: Are the hotel stays for the vacation getaways 100% free?

No. The only thing you would pay for with the hotel stays are the room taxes which is $19 per night plus the resort fees which could vary from $15-40 per night. For example, if you were to stay at the Westgate hotel in Las Vegas for three days, you would pay anywhere from $75-$140 for all three days instead of $585 which is the most typical rate for the same stay duration.

Q: Can the vacation certificates be combined to increase the amount of days spent during the vacation getaway?

No. The certificates cannot be combined to prolong your length of stay. The location you select for your vacation getaway will determine the maximum length of stay and it cannot be modified. The maximum length of stay in this program is 7 days.

Q: Are we travel agents?

No. Travel agents book people’s vacations for them. We don’t. All we do is provide the vacation getaways and incentives but we do not book the vacations for them. They must do it themselves. Travel agents can book any trip at any location. We currently have over 3,500 available locations to give away. Not any location. We are not travel agents.

Q: How do I file taxes?

If you earn $600 or more in this opportunity, by law you must pay taxes. The taxes are not automatically taken out of each $47 transaction. The best way to secure yourself is this: for every $47 payment you receive, set 15% of the earnings to the side. This will cover you for what you will owe when tax season arrives. Paypal will send you the form in January to file.

Q: Is this a Scam or a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Absolutely Not! A get-rich-quick scheme (or scam) usually promises to make a person extremely wealthy over a short period of time, often at the expense of little effort. We make no guarantees. Your ability to learn and put into practice what you learn will determine how far you go in this opportunity. The Devant Travel opportunity absolutely works. However, it does require your consistency, willingness and effort.

Q: Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

No. This is a direct sales program. You’ll make $47 every time you refer someone who joins our training platform. A new person can earn hundreds daily and make more than someone who has been a member for years. Your income is based on your own efforts. Not the effort of other affiliates. Also, any business where money changes hands without the benefit of a product or service is deemed a pyramid scheme by the FTC. Our members receive marketing training, pre-written headlines and ads, access to our support group and vacation getaways as an extra added bonus for joining our platform. There are not multiple levels you can climb in this opportunity.

Q: Is this a Ponzi Scheme?

No. Ponzi Schemes are illegal and are associated with investment programs in which earlier investors are paid from the funds of new investors. Money is typically pooled together and promises high investment payouts. Typically, the company collapses and the newest investors never receive a return of any kind. The Devant Travel opportunity is not an investment program of any kind.

Q: Is this a Matrix Program?

No. Matrix programs, also known as money doublers, cyclers, and randomizers have a commission system based on a specified percentage of the member’s deposit or from recruiting a specific amount of downline members before they ever earn a commission. Usually you won’t receive a payout until a matrix is filled or a line cycles. The Devant Travel opportunity is not a matrix system.

I hope this gave you incite on this business opportunity and if you want to try it out, you can do so here


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